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Coating Solutions That Drive Results! Coat Zone™ Company

Proven, cost-effective results.

Proudly made in America, Coat Zone™ is quickly becoming the go-to choice for companies seeking to enhance energy efficiency and achieve new sustainability goals.

Coat Zone™ Company is the only provider to offer on-site treatment of both new and existing units, as well as a dual approach that maximizes energy reduction.

Our coating solutions deliver superlative protection against corrosion and thermal loads, even in the most extreme environments.

Whether you choose the anti-corrosion coil coating, the thermal barrier—or both—each solution is a one-time application that lasts the unit’s lifetime.

Brands: CoilSafe™ coating compositions, CoilSafe Plus™ coating compositions & ThermalBlock™ coating compositions

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  • CoilSafe™
    Coil Safe™ coating formulation, protects the coil of the HVAC unit.
    Unlike traditional organic coatings CoilSafe™ goes on at 0.2 mil, or 5 microns and is uniquely thin, it successfully returns the HVAC unit close to its original factory settings....

  • Coil Safe™ coating formulation, is a vapor like spray which, when applied, creates a covalent bond with the metal helping to reattach the fin to tube connection. This enhances heat transfer and helps return the unit to about 95% of its original factory efficiency. in doing so, we reduce energy consumption and protect the coils from corrosion, bacteria, mold and mildew.

    The glass like finish also ensures that future maintenance is easier and no harsh chemicals are required for cleaning, simply pressurized water. In protecting the coils, we are also helping extend the life of the equipment by 50% or more.

    Unlike other coil coatings, our product can not only be applied on new units, but also units that are already installed.

    It is inorganic and antimicrobial and unlike other coatings, is unaffected by UV lamps that are now widely used as a results of
    Covid 19. 

    Why Clients love CoilSafe™ coating compositions

    • CoilSafe™ coating compositions is currently the most efficient technology available, allowing for on-site application to both new and existing HVAC systems
    • CoilSafe™ coating compositions reduces hourly kilowatt usage, thus reducing energy consumption immediately and drastically
    • CoilSafe™ coating compositions prevents corrosion from eating into your equipment’s useful years of service, and makes maintenance easier
    • CoilSafe™ coating compositions is a one-and-done solution that will extend the life of the unit far beyond standard use
    • CoilSafe™ coating compositions delivers rapid ROI on a minimal capital investment within 12-36 months
    • CoilSafe™ coating compositions being antimicrobial solution helps sustain indoor air quality protecting those inside the building
  • ThermalBlock™ coating compositions
    ThermalBlock™ is a unique thermal radiant barrier applied to the exterior cabinets of HVAC units. It significantly reduces the thermal load brought on by solar exposure, especially rooftop package units, exposed duct work, and rooftop air handlers....

  • ThermalBlock™(or ThermalBlock by Coat Zone™) coating compositions, is a thermal barrier. Where you have package units that are exposed to direct sunlight, we apply it to the exterior of the exposed cabinet as well as exposed ductwork and it substantially reduces the thermal load thus reducing run time and therefore energy consumption. We can reduce the temperature of the exposed metal to within five degrees of the outside ambient temperature. We have seen a reduction of 15-30% in energy consumption when this product has been applied in conjunction with our CoilSafe™ coating compositions.

    Thermal Block™ coating compositions can also be used on roofs as an alternative to insulation and it will also help with high temp failures as well as eliminating condensation or unit sweating.

    We just did a test with Johnson Controls International in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we were able to reduce the temperature of the exterior of the unit from 73 degrees C to 51 degrees C.

    The product is water based with a high solid content and can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on. Unlike our CoilSafe product, our ThermalBlock product goes on at 250 microns or 10 paint mls thick.

    With both products we offer a 10 year limited product warranty.