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Digital Waste and Recycling Solutions

Rubicon (NYSE: RBT) is a digital marketplace for waste and recycling, and provider of innovative software-based products to businesses worldwide. Creating a new industry standard by using technology to drive environmental innovation, we help turn businesses into more sustainable enterprises. We help our partners find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals.

 Press Releases

  • New York, NY – November 2, 2022​ – Rubicon Technologies, Inc. (“Rubicon” or the “Company”) (NYSE: RBT), a leading digital marketplace for waste and recycling and provider of innovative software-based products for businesses and governments worldwide, today announced that it has signed a two-year agreement with Walmart, Inc. (“Walmart”) (NYSE: WMT), to continue to increase the multinational retail corporation’s waste diversion from landfills, consolidate services, and provide enhanced account management for distribution centers and retail stores.

    Walmart understands that for a business to last, it must have a fundamental reason for being, which is found in the value it creates not only for shareholders, but for the world. Rubicon’s mission is to end waste. By collaborating with Rubicon and others, Walmart continues on a path to becoming a regenerative company, one dedicated to placing nature and humanity at the center of its business practices.

    Rubicon’s market-leading RUBICONConnect™ product is deployed across 70 of the company’s distribution centers, assisting with waste and recycling programs and delivering enhanced sustainability data, analytics, and reporting capabilities. Rubicon uses this data to increase tonnage per haul, which eliminates unnecessary trips to service partially full containers. This reduces fuel consumption and its associated carbon impact, trip hours, and wear and tear on the road.

    Walmart aims to reduce consumption and waste as part of the larger global movement towards a more circular economy, which encompasses a transition from a “take-make-dispose” approach to one that emphasizes the reuse, recycling, and regeneration of materials. It aspires to achieve zero waste in its global operations and to work with suppliers, customers, and communities to accelerate the adoption of innovative packaging and products designed for circularity. Since the two companies began working together in 2013, Rubicon has supported Walmart in a number of circularity projects. The new agreement expands the relationship between the two companies to include the collection and recycling of plastic film in distribution centers, and the collection of landscaping and green waste. These projects take place alongside day-to-day waste and recycling collection at Walmart stores.

    “We are thrilled to announce this extension agreement with Walmart,” said Phil Rodoni, CEO of Rubicon. “Rubicon’s mission is to end waste. By expanding our work with the global, transformational brand that is Walmart, we are accelerating this mission as we strive to advance our shared goal of a world without waste.”

    With this extended agreement, Rubicon will continue to bring its suite of cloud-based software products, and the power and scope of its network of more than 8,000 hauler and vendor partners, to bear in providing scalable waste, recycling, and sustainability solutions to Walmart in support of Walmart’s environmental and business goals.Waste is a global challenge and a global opportunity. Rubicon partners with businesses and governments around the world to advance its mission through zero-waste, landfill diversion, and smart city solutions. The Company’s suite of cloud-based products can help waste collection organizations digitize operations, confirm service, optimize routes, and deliver exceptional customer service while improving sustainability outcomes.


  • RUBICONConnect™
    Our RUBICONConnect portal is a one-stop shop for enterprises and multi-location businesses. Gain visibility into waste and recycling management services across all of your locations, regardless of who your current waste provider might be....

  • RUBICONConnect™ provides service, financial, and sustainability reporting and insights for your business. 

    • Aggregate waste diversion activities and progress towards customized sustainability goals. 
    • Gain visibility into service collections that have been completed, locations that are to be serviced, and request new services.
    • Understand services being performed at each location throughout your company's portfolio while optimizing waste diversion and cost savings. 
    • Track your company's trash and recycling habits in real-time. Customize to view across your entire business and/or at the individual site level to see better target opportunities for improvement. 
    • Place requests for services like additional pickups and one-time orders, based on the unique needs of locations across the business.
    • Get a better understanding of what you're wasting with an in-depth material profile. Filter by date or location and see how it changes over time.
    • See exactly what you're paying for in detail, including all services, equipment, and taxes, with no hidden fees or charges ever.