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United States
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Xcluder Rodent and Pest Defense

Xcluder is the world leader in rodent exclusion, offering an array of specialized rodent-proofing solutions designed to meet SQF and BRC safety standards. Xcluder Fill Fabric is the only rodent-proofing product on the market tested and proven effective by the USDA/APHIS lab. Xcluder's Pest Control Door Sweeps feature heavy-duty rubber lined with Xcluder Fill Fabric and come in various designs to protect personnel doors, garage doors and roll-up doors. Xcluder offers a suite of products to protect the many rodent entry points surrounding a loading dock, including Dock Door Vertical Side Seals, Pull Chain Seals and Dock Leveler Seals. Xcluder products are critical to a proactive, comprehensive pest management program.

Brands: Xcluder offers a full suite of rodent-proofing solutions for your entire facility.